About us

Cerea’s journey began over 30 years ago. Over time we developed into a large family company with exclusively private capital. This successful journey is steered by a partnership comprising father, son, and – more recently – daughter-sister, who form the leadership team.

The values and principles that have guided us from the beginning remain steadfast: prudence and ambition. We aim to fully focus on our customers’ needs, and to build long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

We give full attention to meeting financial obligations and complying with agreed deadlines. We only proceed with a trade when we’re confident in its transparency and prerequisite paper trail.

EUR 9.5 million

annual turnover (2023)

1,200 trucks

dispatched annually

30,000 tons

of annually traded goods

400 partners

in 13 countries

our team

Juraj Jaška

Managing director, Partner

“Innovation and flexibility are the driving force behind our traditional family company.”

Miroslav Jaška

Founder, Partner

“In today’s world, the agro commodity business is very sensitive to your chosen business partner.”

Miriam Huergo

CEREAL Nova Sàrl – Swiss subsidiary based in Geneva

“To do business on the Italian market, you need strong long-term relationships to further build on.”

Petra Jašková

Company trader

“The current geopolitical situation has changed our business to such an extent that we have to rebuild some long-standing means of communication and trade.”

Dušan Brezovický

Company trader

“To me, patiently listening to farmers’ needs and inputs is the alpha and omega of a successful business.”

Alexander Bodó

Company trader

“Knowing how to respond quickly and professionally to farmers’ fertiliser-related needs is often a challenging task that I relish confronting.”

Patrik Slanina

Company trader

“Only a personal and empathetic approach to farmers as individuals leads to a satisfactory business relationship.”

Andrea Kemenská

External company accountant/tax advisor

“Accurate and quality documentation can make you stand out.”

Our story


Company founded by Miroslav Jaška.


We load our 1,000th truck.


Juraj Jaška becomes the managing director. Founder Miroslav Jaška remains a partner.


We receive ISCC certification.


We start trading with fertilisers.


We receive GMP+ certification.


Strategic cooperation with CEREAL Nova Geneva and entry into Italian market.


We load our 10,000th truck.


We achieve annual turnover of EUR 9.5 million.