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We are a traditional family business with strong roots that date back to 1991. We proudly embrace tradition and reliability in wholesale agro commodities, and we will offer you the best.

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We have all the prerequisite domestic and international certificates that evidence our quality and expertise.


Experience has taught us that primary producers want payment for their goods immediately. And ideally in advance. This creates a time discrepancy between the need for funds on the one hand, and their collection on the other. By harmonising and meeting these requirements, CEREA can guarantee the realisation of the business by refinancing it.


Our 33 years on the Central European agro commodity market have given us valuable sector insights. Please contact us with any specific questions or advice. We’re happy to help.


Interested in direct sales, or the purchase of goods/services? CEREA can meet your needs and arrange a deal on your behalf. In this case, a standard brokerage commission applies.


Related documentation that is high quality and exhaustive. Each such trade entails extensive documentation. Transport documents such as CMR, delivery notes, weighbridge tickets, etc., error-free invoices, and clear and comprehensible contracts. CEREA prioritises quality paperwork.

Current offers

Simply leave us your email, and we will send you a weekly overview of inquiries and offers of traded commodities.



EUR 9.5 million

annual turnover (2023)

1,200 trucks

dispatched annually

30,000 tons

of annually traded goods

400 partners

in 13 countries

Long-term and reliable cooperation with Cerea enables us to overcome these difficult times, while having a strong partner by our side.

– Mr. Novák, Bomina s.r.o., Šrobárová

Working with Cerea has always been very satisfactory – with deadlines met and agreed payment conditions honoured.

– Mr. Potfay, ATS IMPEX, s.r.o., Obid